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Sticky loses to an old man at tennis, and MJ texts her "number neighbor" while Shawn remains misanthropic. We remember our first cars, and join the re-vulva-lution with some good, old fashioned vagina talk. Nerd Stuff has news on the Lord of the Rings TV series, Home Alone, Crisis on Infinite Earths and more. Cars is our musical theme, with songs by Blind Melon, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Tom Waits. 

Snickers offers one million free candy bars to change the date of Halloween. The Alamo Drafthouse has a clowns-only screening of IT Chapter 2. We rank our Big 5 favorite clowns. Plus dirty tricks used to sell food on TV. Nerd stuff features news on Thor Love & Thunder, Amazon Prime's The Boys, Avatar vs. End Game and more. "Funky" is our musical theme with songs by Vampire Weekend, Pops Staples  and The Beastie Boys

In honor of International Hepatitis Day we rank our Big 5 Shitty Holidays. The Weird World This Week has magnet fishing for guns, mobs of German teens, and the Pink Lady Bandit. Our Hero of The Week pranked Trump and pretty much got away with it. Nerd Stuff is jam -packed with Marvel news, Orange is the New Black, a review of the Batman related Pennyworth, a list of the actual all-time best selling movies, and more. Disease is our musical theme with songs by Nirvana, Fugazi, and The Jim Hendrix Experience.  

We react to new movie trailers seen at the San Diego Comic-Con including CATS, and Top Gun: Maverick, and we Rank our Big 5 "Sequels Nobody Asked For." Plus, are dad bods sexier than six packs? Planet Fitness says yes. Nerd Stuff features a complete break down of Marvel's Phase Four, and Pulp Fiction in space. Plus, Picard, The Walking Dead, and much more. "Truth and Lies" is our musical theme with songs by Lizzo, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and The Who. 

Sticky slides Shawn his hot pickle and David Lee Roth crashes the wrong party. MJ has a warning for people planning on storming Area 51. Nerd Stuff features a new, female 007, and the internet man-baby trolls are losing their minds about it. "Aliens" is our musical theme with songs by Soul Coughing, CCR, and Megadeth. 

We rank our Big 5 favorite magazines in honor of Mad Magazine folding after 67 years. The Weird World This Week features a Feloniously Altruistic woman who tipped $5,000 with her boyfriend's credit card.  And our Hero of the Week is an Aussie who checks a single can of beer at the Perth airport. Nerd Stuff features a review of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and more. Featuring Parody Songs with music by The Cookie Monster, Weird Al Yankovic, and Flight of the Conchords.   

In honor of Independence Day we build our own Mount Rushmore monuments for American Musicians, Actors, Directors, Sitcoms, Cartoons, Superheroes and more. Plus Impossible Burgers and all-meat carrots. Nerd Stuff features a review of Yesterday: The Movie, and news on the upcoming Ghostbusters film. Red, White & Blue is our music theme with songs by Pearl Jam, The Clash, and The Beatles.

Our politest show ever, as we celebrate Canada Day with our Big 5 Favorite Canadian Things. The Weird World This Week features young people growing "Phone Bones", and Christian protesters getting their facts wrong again. Nerd Stuff features a ton of Spider-Man stuff, and green & purple the colors of evil?. Canada is our musical theme with songs by Neil Young, The Real McKenzies, and Sum 41. 

We reminisce about things our parents did back in the day that they would never be allowed to do today. Also, OJ Simpson is on Twitter and we try and deal with it. Nerd Stuff features a no-spoiler review of Men in Black: International, and rumors about The Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Plus, Dad Jokes and much more. Featuring music by Nirvana in honor of the 30th anniversary of their debut album, Bleach. 

Shawn & his Phat Bitch take on the "Straight Pride Parade" and we name Chris Evans as our "Hero of the Week." Justin Bieber threatens Ton Cruise, and we rank our Big 5 douchiest douchebags. Nerd Stuff features a full, (mostly) spoiler-free review of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and much more. In honor of #Pride Month we feature LGBTQ Icons with songs by David Bowie, R.E.M. and Little Richard.  

Sticky recaps his trip to Atlanta and we rank the best concerts we have ever seen. The Weird World This Week has a freaked out weatherman, MJ tries to spell Bougainvillea, and a man suffers from a nine day erection. Nerd Stuff features Shawn's review of Deadwood: The Movie, the new Batman, Swamp Thing, X-Men Dark Phoenix, and a huge Marvel team-up movie that never was. Featuring "Live" performances with music by Pearl Jam, The Who and Ozzy Osbourne. 

We (sort of) try and smooth over our fractured relationships with some angry listeners. We review the live All in the Family/Jeffersons show on ABC, and rank our Big 5 favorite on-screen acting duos. Nerd Stuff features a defiant Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger beating a guy to death with his own arm, and we cast the X-Men for the MCU. "Heat" is our musical theme with songs by Glenn Frey, Sly & The Family Stone, and The Lovin' Spoonful.   

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