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We help Sticky name his hipster-to-be daughter, and rank our Big 5 favorite Brad Pitt Movies. Plus food mistakes that you didn't know you were making. And Nerd Stuff featuring Burt Ward's too large for TV member, an Alice in Wonderland meets Wizard of Oz crossover, Gretel & Hansel  much more. 

The Weird World This Week has Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina Candle, The Japanese Penis Festival, and a Toe-Sucking Bandit. Our Hero of the Week is the #NakedPhilanthropist. Plus, we rank our Big 5 Musicians Whose Lives We Want Made Into Movies. Nerd Stuff has news on Dr. Strange 2, Harley Quinn, Star Trek and much more.  

Our Annual Death Pool Which celebrities will kick it in 2020? Listen to find out. Plus neighbors call 911 for a bird in distress, and Amazon is shipping already cooked waffles. Nerd Stuff features news on Deadpool 3, The New Mutants, The Mandalorian Season 2, and the most F-Bombs dropped in a movie. Also, Dad Jokes has a joke from an actual dad. 

Our Decade In-Review Show. We discuss our favorite music, TV, and movies of the past ten years. Plus, a no-spoiler review of Knives Out, Dad Jokes and more. 

It's our 5th annual MJATB Holiday Spectacular! Featuring a gift exchange, a special carol written and sang by our very own Neil Jackson, and 25 mind blowing facts about xmas. Nerd Stuff has our no-spoiler review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Plus, Dad Jokes sinks to a new low. 

Talking Office Holiday Parties. Plus The Weird World This Week with penis xmas lights, penis fish, and a Kentucky judge who loves penis. Plus, the 2019 Darwin Awards, and Nerd Stuff with a no-spoiler review of Jumanji: The Next Level and much more. 

MJ meets one of her idols, while Sticky suffers in a truckstop bathroom. Shawn and Neil share the holiday spirit and we reminisce about the worst gifts we have ever received. Plus, a cheater busted by his Fitbit and an update on the Peloton woman. Plus, a breakdown of the Black Widow & Wonder Woman trailers in Nerd Stuff. 

Shawn & Sticky are on their own without MJ & Neil. They review The Irishman, and rank their Big 5 favorite directors in Hollywood. Plus, a holiday hacking warning, and Nerd Stuff with news on Superman, the Simpsons, a Frasier reboot, and much more. 

We are joined by MJ's boss Ginny, owner of The Botany Bay, and give you some strange black friday gift ideas. Plus details on how you can get paid to smoke weed, and Shania Twain throws major shade at Taylor Swift. Plus a genuine review of Frozen 2, and tons more Nerd Stuff. 

The Weird World This Week features a puppy with a tail growing out of its face, elephant poop gin, and assault with a deadly guinea pig. Plus, We Rank our Big 5 Celebrity Assholes. Sticky reveals his favorite shows on Disney Plus in Nerd Stuff and gives you the truth about the Snyder Cut of the Justice League. All that and much more! 

Shawn tries to sell his soul to a bottled water company, but MJ freaks out. We rank our Big 5 favorite live action kids shows. Plus Nerd Stuff, Dad Jokes, and more. 

 Our annual Halloween episode featuring a real-life extreme haunted house and our Big 5 favorite Halloween Movies. Plus Nerd Stuff has news on Star Wars, Cloak & Dagger, Suicide Squad, Marvel's big future, and more.

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