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Episode 202 Live! We rank our Big 5 Movies That Should Be Rebooted. The Weird World This Week features a couple gored by a bison, a man evading police in a corn maze, and a love sick woman who burns down her apartment. Nerf Stuff has no-spoiler reviews of the Breaking Bad Movie, and the Batwoman TV show, plus a badass Wayne Brady, GOTG & Spider-Man News, and much more. 

We broadcast live and look back on some of our favorite moments in MJATB history. Plus we finally answer the question, "Whatchu Think 'Bout That, Daniel Morgan?" Also, we Rank our Big 5 Bad Ass Women, and Nerd Stuff features Sticky's no-spoiler review of Joker and a trailer for the middle-aged Harry Potter movie. 

MJATB 200th Episode. We Try our Podbean's new live streaming feature. Plus, stories about break downs, and celebrity encounters. 

We take sides on the hotly debated pumpkin spice controversy, and tell you where you can get free coffee on International Coffee Day. Plus, MJ tries an Impossible Burger. Our Hero Of The Week brings an emotional support clown to his firing from work, and a fiery bull semen explosion in The Weird World This Week. Nerd Stuff has reviews of Rambo: Last Blood, and American Horror Story 1984. Autumn is our musical theme with songs by Broken Bells, The Kinks, and The White Stripes. 

We rank our Big 5 favorite SNL cast members. The Weird World This Week has a psychic that stole 1.6 million dollars, and a couple that spent $120,000 of the bank's money. Sticky and MJ try and roast Shawn in Nerd Stuff, and fail spectacularly. Plus, Dad Jokes, and much more. "Hills" are our musical theme with songs by The Repeating Arms, The Pixies, and Fats Domino. 

Large bricks of cocaine are washing up on Florida beaches because of Hurricane Dorian, a North Carolina Man claims to have video of Bigfoot, and scientists think they solved the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. Nerd Stuff features John Travolta's worst movie yet, Robert Downey Jr.'s possible return to Marvel movies, and more. "Winning" is our musical theme in honor of Sticky's big victory, with songs by Brother Ali, PJ Harvey, and Blondie.   

A man sues for emotional distress over a Popeye's Chicken Sandwich, a legless Juggalo gets sued as well, and Noel Gallagher wants to break up the Foo Fighters. Plus, the most successful "as seen on TV" items ever. Plus, Nerd stuff with News on Joker, Star Wars, and more. Featuring music by bands we wish would split up with songs by Stone Temple Pilots, Public Enemy, and The Who. 

Bocephus uses a body double, old people having sex in the woods, and we rank our Big 5 ugliest celebrities. Plus an extra long Nerd Stuff with news on The Mandalorian, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, Spider-Man, She Hulk, Moon Knight, G.I. Joe, and much more. Kentucky is our musical theme with songs by Nine Pound Hammer, Villebillies & Nappy Roots, and Nazareth. 

We interview Mason Tackett, the "Who Steals a Cheese Grater" guy, and rank our Big 5 favorite viral moments. Nerd Stuff has no-spoiler reviews of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Plus, Dad Jokes and a whole lot more. "Photography" is our musica theme with songs by Spoon, J. Giles Band and Van Halen 

Sticky loses to an old man at tennis, and MJ texts her "number neighbor" while Shawn remains misanthropic. We remember our first cars, and join the re-vulva-lution with some good, old fashioned vagina talk. Nerd Stuff has news on the Lord of the Rings TV series, Home Alone, Crisis on Infinite Earths and more. Cars is our musical theme, with songs by Blind Melon, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Tom Waits. 

Snickers offers one million free candy bars to change the date of Halloween. The Alamo Drafthouse has a clowns-only screening of IT Chapter 2. We rank our Big 5 favorite clowns. Plus dirty tricks used to sell food on TV. Nerd stuff features news on Thor Love & Thunder, Amazon Prime's The Boys, Avatar vs. End Game and more. "Funky" is our musical theme with songs by Vampire Weekend, Pops Staples  and The Beastie Boys

In honor of International Hepatitis Day we rank our Big 5 Shitty Holidays. The Weird World This Week has magnet fishing for guns, mobs of German teens, and the Pink Lady Bandit. Our Hero of The Week pranked Trump and pretty much got away with it. Nerd Stuff is jam -packed with Marvel news, Orange is the New Black, a review of the Batman related Pennyworth, a list of the actual all-time best selling movies, and more. Disease is our musical theme with songs by Nirvana, Fugazi, and The Jim Hendrix Experience.  

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