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A special "Thank You" to our our fans, All the pre-recorded bits we have ever done. Including movie trailers, commercial parodies, fake PSA's, comedy songs, and more. 

The Final Episode of MJATB. We wish each other a fond farewell. 

We review the new Spike Lee joint Da 5 Bloods, and rank our Big 5 favorite movies with a number in the title. Plus, weird news with a petition to replace a confederate statue with the singer of GWAR, and a list of celebrities who have STDs. Plus, a bonus Big 5 in Nerd Stuff with our favorite black superheroes.

We're discussing the news of the week including the civil unrest in the country and the Corona virus pandemic. Plus, weird news with a million dollar treasure finally discovered and Nerd Stuff with news on Joker in the new Batman Movie, and Quick Silver jumping through the multi-verse.

Episode 232. We reflect on current events. #BlackLivesMatter

We also try and entertain and lighten the mood with news about a spider & frog who are BFFs, and Sinead O'Connor's new career. Plus, Nerd Stuff with updates on The Batman, Superman, Indiana Jones 5, and a beloved returning Spider-Man character.  

The Weird World This Week features Hitler's Alligator and two-faced cat. Plus we Rank our Big 5 favorite smells. Nerd Stuff has news on the Justice League Snyder Cut, and Ruby Rose is out as Bot Woman, plus spoiler-free reviews of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and Justice League DarkApokolips War. 

We rank our Big 5 favorite Dog Movies. Plus Goats are running amok in a California town, and the University of Kentucky is looking for some new cheerleader coaches. Plus, a review of the Youtube Community reunion, and Nerd Stuff with news on The New Mutants, a Scarface reboot, the Umbrella Academy Season 2, and more. 

We look back at the great Little Richard, and rank our Big 5 Most Important Musical Artists of the past 120 years. Also, Nerd Stuff has news on the Community reunion, Boba Fett in the Mandalorian, Tiger King Season 2, and Bill Murray vs. Guy Fieri. Plus, Dad Jokes and much more. 

Still in #selfquarantine we're talking about the fun news of the day including Murder Hornets, The Navy's UFO videos, Harrison Ford's terrible piloting, and a news reporter caught with his pants down - literally. Plus, May the 4th be with you in Nerd Stuff and more. 

Still dealing with self-isolation, we enter to win some sweet prizes in the #allinchallenge, like a dream date with Guy Fieri. Plus we rank our Big 5 favorite cowboys. Nerd Stuff features no-spoiler reviews of Netflix's Extraction and The Willoughbys. Plus dad jokes and more.  

In honor of 4/20, we rank our Big 5 favorite stoner movies. Plus, we're talking stimulus checks, self-quarantine, Nerd Stuff, Dad Jokes, and more!

We review Tiger King, and give you other recommendations for self-quarantine viewing. We also rank our Big 5 post-apocalyptic movies & TV shows, then the show goes off the rails with tech issues. Enjoy the train wreck!

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