MJ and the Boys Episode 34

July 26, 2016

Remembering our favorite music videos from classic MTV, MJ bitches about Pokemon Go!. Our Hero of the Week is a mugger-stomping granny armed with bacon -  #beatoffwithbacon, and we sympathize with the hover-handers at ComicCon in Nerd Stuff. All that a much more. Our musical journey through the decades brings us to the '00s with songs by Sage Francis, Soggy Bottom Boys, and White Stripes.     


MJ and the Boys Episode 33

July 19, 2016

Still friends with your ex? One study says you might be psychotic. Pick-up lines from movies. Plus, Sticky returns from vacation and gives Shawn some clams. Also, our Hero of the Week prevents a robbery by doing nothing. Nerd Stuff gets all musclebound looking back on (and forward to) He-Man, and the Weird World This Week rubs your nipples raw. Our journey through the decades in music continues with the 90s and features songs by Beastie Boys, Screaming Trees, and Blind Melon.    


MJ and the Boys Episode 32

July 12, 2016

A totally tubular 80s inspired show! We reminisce about our favorite toys and dream about eating the Golden Girls Cafe, Sticky's "Phat Bitch" tells people to stop being ugly on the web, and Nerd Stuff debates the merits of boob armor. Plus, Pokémon Go leads to a dead body in The Weird World This Week. Songs from the 80s include Neil Young, The Stray Cats,  and The Go Go's.


MJ and the Boys Episode 31

July 6, 2016

Talking in crazy tongues, MJ's Phat Bitch about vacations, The Hero of the Week "Super Mario edition, Nerd Stuff with a Stephen King debate, and MJ reminds the disturbing things you can learn about in a water fountain. Plus, The super sounds of the 70s, with songs by Paul Simon, The Clash, and Aerosmith.