MJ and the Boys Episode 30

June 28, 2016

Our Mount Rushmore of living musical icons, Shawn's "Phat Bitch" decries the idea of being "90 years young", Chuck D is our "Hero of the Week," we hear the new Ghostbusters song in "Nerd Stuff," and possibly the worst British accents you have ever heard in "The Weird World This Week." All of that and much more. The 1960s is our musical theme this week with songs by Loretta Lynn, Question Mark and the Mysterians, and The Doors.    


MJ and the Boys Episode 29

June 21, 2016

Strange snacks we enjoyed as kids, Sticky's "Phat Bitch."  our "Hero of the Week" transforms himself into a goat, Mephisto possesses the conversation in Nerd Stuff, and Getting drunk with your cat in "The Weird World This Week". Plus, is a taco a sandwich? We get all philosophical up in this bitch. The 50s is the musical theme with songs by ScreaminJay Hawkins, Buddy Holly and Little Richard.  


MJ and the Boys Episode 28

June 14, 2016

A Father's Day episode of MJATB. Movies you don't want to watch with your dad, & how to get your dad "nothing" as a gift. Plus, our new feature,  the "Hero of the Week" featuring a bike-thief lassoing cowboy, Nerd Stuff with nerd stuff, and the Weird World This Week with cheeseburger cash. Father's Day is the musical theme with songs by Ben Folds Five, Southern Culture on the Skids, and Johnny Cash.   


MJ and the Boys Episode 27

June 7, 2016

A hard rockin' episode of MJATB! We discuss the top 50 greatest front men in hard rock/heavy metal. Did Frank Sinatra try to have Howard Stern whacked? We try and get to the bottom of that. MJ relives her terrifying clown-filled childhood in Nerd Stuff while we debate the grammar behind pluralizing Spider-Man,and Shawn says goodbye to his hero, Muhammad Ali. Hard rock/Metal is our musical theme with songs by Deftones, Motorhead, and Van Halen.