MJ and The Boys Episode 88

August 8, 2017

Shawn recaps his "good day" when he hung out with Ice Cube. The Karate Kid is returning as a series, so we rank our Big 5 best 80s movies. Shawn and his Phat bitch take on Sunday drivers and Music-loving Bees are our #HerooftheWeek. Plus, Sticky's imaginary friend drops by for Nerd Stuff as MJ slowly comes over to the nerd side. All that and much more. We pay tribute to 80s movie themes with songs by Talking Heads, Dolly Parton, and The Bus Boys.   


MJ and The Boys Episode 87

August 1, 2017

In an update from last week's show, Mr. Wizard calls in to defend himself. Also, A husband writes down all the reason his wife cries, and Shawn's folks hit the big 5-0. Rock stars melt down on stage, and Sticky & his Phat Bitch melts down about Guns n Roses’ ticket prices. The dating app Hater ranks the most hated things by state, and Superman's sweet 'stache in Nerd Stuff. "Marriage" is our musical theme with songs by Hank III, The Afghan Whigs, and Van Halen. 


MJ and The Boys Episode 86

July 25, 2017

We pay tribute to Comic-Con with a nerdtastic show. We countdown our Big 5 favorite real-life nerds, and Sticky meets Yondu (almost). The Weird World This Week features a missing turtle that returned home after a long and weary journey, a cat that was mayor of an Alaskan town, a meat shower, and Salvador Dali’s exhumed mustache. Hulk speaks in Nerd stuff, and more headlines from Comic-Con. "Nerds" is our musical theme with songs by Weird Al Yankovic, Richie Branson & KadeshFlow, and DEVO.  


MJ and The Boys Episode 85 - Hollywood

July 18, 2017

Have you seen the new Netflix series #GLOW? We've got one of the original G.L.O.W. girls, the beautiful and talented, Jeanne "Hollywood" Basone, to discuss it, and relive her experience with the Gorgeous Ladies of Wresting. Also, we quiz MJ to determine what 80s wresting icon she would be. A gorgeous lady Doctor Who headlines Nerd Stuff which also feature news on The Incredibles 2, Wreck-It Ralph 2, and a direct-to-Netflix film directed by Martin Scorsese. All that and much more. In honor of our guest, "Hollywood" is our musical theme with songs by Kool & The Gang, Public Enemy, and Junkyard.


MJ and The Boys Episode 84

July 11, 2017

Neil Jackson fills in for MJ and Sticky returns from vacation. The Weird World This Week features loud sex, celebrities & Bigfoot. We recap the Running of the Bulls, and remember the most dangerous things we have ever done. Shawn's Phat Bitch takes on people flying the Rebel Flag, and Sticky reviews Spider-Man: Homecoming in Nerd Stuff. Super-sexy songs, in honor of our super-sexy guest host, with music by Prince, INXS, and Fiona Apple


MJ and The Boys Episode 83

July 3, 2017

A special 4th of July episode of MJATB! We honor America by ranking our Big 5 favorites cities, We tell you about the most commonly misspelled porm searches by state, and Sticky and his Phat Bitch take on celebrity chefs. Nerd stuff gets you ready for the new Spider-Man movie and exposes a Toy Story conspiracy. America is our musical theme with songs by Miley Cyrus, the I Don't Cares, and David Lee Roth.  


MJ and The Boys Episode 82

June 26, 2017

We celebrate Pride Month by recapping the Lexington, KY Pride Festival. Our #HeroOfTheWeek is a judge that shuts down an anti-gay bigot tried to marry his laptop. The Weird World This Week features a weather man who confuses swinging with "swinging," a law giving pregnant women the right to murder, and a 100 year old gangster is released from prison. Nerd Stuff features the Justice League movie, a woefully under paid Wonder Woman, and an update on Sony's decision to release "clean" versions of all their movies. Our musical theme honors Gay Icons with songs by Elton John, Garbage and the B-52's.   


MJ and The Boys Episode 81

June 19, 2017

MJ recaps her U2 concert experience, and Sticky geeks out about Beatles Radio on SiriusXM. Plus, a stirring performance of Imagine by Yoko Ono. We rank our Big 5 worst movie sequels, and MJ Phat Bitches about slow drivers. Bat-orgies, Atari, overblown Superhero films, and Shawn's Wonder Woman review in Nerd Stuff. "Summertime" is our musical theme with songs by The Repeating Arms, Love, and The Kinks.  


MJ and The Boys Episode 80

June 12, 2017

Seinfeld disses Ke$ha and we share our own stories of being dissed by celebrities. A man gets his wang stuck inside a tiny wrench, and we introduce you to the guy born with two fully functioning units. Sticky's Wonder Woman review in Nerd Stuff, and Shawn loses it over Sony releasing "clean" versions of their movies. We honor Father's Day with songs about the male appendage with music by Peter Gabriel, Drive By Truckers, and Aerosmith. 


MJ and The Boys Episode 79 — Marq Torien

June 5, 2017

We celebrate MJ's birthday, and welcome very special guest, BulletBoys lead singer, Marq Torien. Plus a short, but sweet, Nerd Stuff with monsters, mutants, and cute little cartoons. In honor of BulletBoys, our musical theme this week is "weapons," with songs by Jeremy Fisher, Rob Duncan, and Living Colour.