MJ and The Boys Episode 60

January 24, 2017

MJ recounts her experience at the Women's March, and we give you our BIG 5 #AlternativeFacts. MJ and her Phat Bitch don't like tall drunkards at concerts, and the MonsterVerse & The Last Jedi in Nerd Stuff. Plus a whole lot more. Songs about being crazy is our theme with music by Heart, Queens of the Stone Age, and Guns N' Roses. 


MJ and The Boys Episode 59

January 17, 2017

Our BIG 5 tv shows we wish would have reunions, Shawn's Phat Bitch about airport lolligaggers, our Hero Of The Week taunts the police on social media, and it is the year of the sequel in Nerd Stuff. Plus, we put in our votes for the new Monopoly pieces. Disco is our musical theme with songs by Rod Stewart, Rose Royce, and Gloria Gaynor.


MJ and The Boys Episode 58

January 10, 2017

Mary Jane returns after a week off, and brings her calm wosdom back to the show. We count down our BIG 5 "captains." Sticky and his Phat Bitch take on #Tacosnobs, and we reveal the top 10 porn searches of 2016. Nerd Stuff features Mark Hamill quoting a super villian as a super villian, plus the triumphant return of Molly Ringwald. And Alexa goes of the rails in the Weird World This Week. Featuring songs with whistling with music by Peter Bjorn And John, The Fratellis, and Paul Simon.  


MJ and The Boys Episode 57

January 4, 2017

Our first show of the new year! ...and Mary Jane is MIA. But the lovely, beautiful (and Shawn's squeeze) Bel, fills in. We compiled our 2017 death pool, tipping nightmares with dicks on platters, Nerd Stuff with He-Man getting Mum Ra'd, and The Weird World This Week with the "Hollyweed" sign. Featuring music by bands with replacement members with songs by Adam and The Ants, Social Distortion, and Faith No More.