MJ and The Boys Episode 52

November 29, 2016

Should you buy your boss an Xmas gift? We will give you the definitive answer. MJ takes on Macy’s Doorbusters in her Phat Bitch, and Cards Against Humanity digs a giant hole in the Earth. Plus, Ape Leonardo da Vinci in Nerd Stuff, and our Hero of the Week is a squirrel who takes down a local politician. Songs about being broke with music by Jane’s addiction, Tribe Called Quest, and The Nashville Teens.


MJ and The Boys Episode 51

November 22, 2016

People Magazine has been getting it wrong for 20 years, so we get it right with out BIG 5 sexiest non-white men. What our you thankful for? Shawn doesn't want to know, and he tells you about it with his Phat Bitch. Strange Thanksgiving facts, Nerd Stuff featuring Star Wars' unsung hero Wedge Antilles, and a serial killer goes on the dating game. MJ has the throat crud, so to make her sound better, our musical theme is "raspy voiced singers" featuring songs by Joan Jett, The Distillers, and AC/DC.      


MJ and The Boys Episode 50

November 15, 2016

Sticky has a douche-off with Jeremy Piven, our BIG 5 top Pro Wrestlers, the Phat Bitch takes on food bloggers, The Weird World This Week featuring a wannabe weather man setting forests on fire, and an evil super villain is elected President in Nerd Stuff. All that and much, much, more. Songs about the apocalypse is our musical theme with songs by R.E.M., Leonard Cohen, and Talking Heads


MJ and The Boys Episode 49

November 8, 2016

We're talking The 20 Worst Songs of All Time. The Weird World This Week features cheating casinos, accidental millionaires, and stolen Kit-Kats. MJ takes on raw fish with her Phat Bitch. Holy Repetitive Tropes in Nerd Stuff, plus Yoko Ono's plum, and Sticky's Doctor Strange Review. Our musical theme this week is "terrible songs we actually love," with music by The Escape Club, Snow, and Chumbawamba


MJ and The Boys Episode 48

November 1, 2016

What kind of facial hair do women find the most attractive? We'll tell you, plus, our Big 5 Best Pop Culture Mustaches. Shawn's Phat Bitch puts Baby Boomers in their place, and we take the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to task for its recent list of nominees. Nerd Stuff pits Peter Tomarken against Wink Martindale for game show host superiority, and in honor of election week, our musical theme is political protest songs with music by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Public Enemy, and Country Joe and the Fish.