MJ and The Boys Episode 47

October 25, 2016

The Halloween Episode! Our Big 5 best Halloween Candies, Sticky's Phat Bitch takes on Papa John, If you wear one of these 20 costumes you're "basic," Nerd Stuff recaps The Walking Dead Premier, plus, the Top 10 Horror Comedies. All of that and much, much more. Spooky music is our theme, with music by The Who, Southern Culture On the Skids, and The Ramones.   


MJ and The Boys Episode 46

October 18, 2016

We celebrate National Vagina Day while MJ's Phat Bitch tells you how she really feels about National Boss's Day. A hallucinating New Yorker, and a Game Show Host are our nominees for Hero of the Week. Sticky fights a crow, and MJ lets Siri tell her what to be for Halloween. Plus, Nerd Stuff, and a whole lot more. Songs about Lady Flowers is our theme with music from Primus, Nirvana, and The Who.  


MJ and The Boys Episode 45

October 11, 2016

Our Big 5 scariest movie monsters, we play Highly Sensitive Introvert Bingo, Nerd Stuff celebrates the Simpsons 600th episode, and something very wrong called "The Golden Shower Girls." All that and much more. Bands with siblings is our musical theme with songs by The Breeders, Meat Puppets, and Van Halen.   


MJ and the Boys Episode 44

October 4, 2016

Our Big 5 bad-ass action heroes. We "celebrate" Cassette Store Day 2016, and Nirvana's naked Nevermind Baby turns 25. Plus, sticky's no spoiler review of Luke Cage and much much more. "Heroes and Villains" is our music theme with songs by The Supervillains, Cannibal Ox, and Method Man.