MJ and the Boys Episode 39

August 30, 2016

MJ reviews the VMAs, we say goodbye to Gene Wilder, ranking our "Big 5" Breakfast Cereals, Bea Arthur is our Hero of the Week, freeing the nipple on "Go Topless Day," Shawn decries the "bro hug" with his Phat Bitch, Nerd Stuff with Batman on a Salisbury Steak platter, and asshole clowns. All that a much more. Our musical theme is "Trains" with songs by Lead Belly, LightninHopkins, and The Yardbirds. 


MJ and the Boys Episode 38

August 23, 2016

We try and rank the top five best sitcoms of all time, and bring you motivational words from the master, Richard Simmons. Our Hero of the Week is a naked Mongolian, We take down internet trolls in Nerd Stuff, and a man tries to get it on with a van in The Weird World This Week. All of that and more! Featuring songs for our sweethearts with music from  April Smith and the Great Picture Show, PJ Harvey, and Van Morrison.


MJ and the Boys Episode 37

August 16, 2016

Our definitive list of the top 5 sexiest old folks. Rules for being a housewife in 1955. Sticky's Suicide Squad review in Nerd Stuff, and our "Hero of the Week" gets a hilarious final farewell from his grand kids. Plus, MJ's "Phat Bitch," Super hero porn searches, the superior soft drink between Coke & Pepsi, and much more. "Animals" is our musical theme with songs by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Fratellis, and Slade.     


MJ and the Boys Episode 36

August 9, 2016

Remembering the time sticky got the shit slapped out of him by a C-List Hollywood celebrity. Mary Jane pines for a simpler time when Courtney Love ruled the airwaves. Sticky and Shawn send their kids off to school, and our Hero of the Week is a car-driving, Wal-Mart-smashing dog. Plus the 19 Hottest Trees in Pop Culture (seriously). All that and more. Featuring our very favorite songs off all time with music by Hole, The Kinks, and The Beatles.


MJ and the Boys Episode 35

August 2, 2016

Reliving our "memories" of Lollapalooza with Sticky's sister. MJ almost visits Noah's Ark, Nerd Stuff reveals the "real" William Shatner, and our Hero of the Week gives a messy gift to Amber Rose. All that and much more. Our musical journey through the decades ends in the present day with songs by Run the Jewels, The Libertines, and Cage The Elephant.